Coconut Oil: Deep Conditioner


My obsession with Pinterest has led me to get back to using natural beauty treatments and home remedies.

After reading about all the oddly fascinating uses for it, Daddy-O picked up a jar of coconut oil for me at Trader Joe’s yesterday.  I expected it to be completely liquid.  I suppose it separates because my jar was filled with this glistening solid swirled with oil.

My main reason for getting the oil in the first place was to replace unhealthier oils I use in my recipes.  A friend of mine only uses coconut oil.  I don’t think I’ll use it exclusively as I love my EV olive oil.  I guess I’ll explore which oil works better with my individual recipes.  But that’s another post.

Because I have naturally curly hair, my hair is naturally very dry.  It’s a major pain.  I don’t wash it every day because it looks better the dirtier it gets.  I do try to condition is daily, however.  But I’m no Rockefeller, so I really can’t afford to do that.  Therefore, I hide my ‘fro under hats and kerchiefs or try to tame it with a headband.  Tonight, I looked liked Don King.  I mean, turn me over and you could scour a pan with my hair.  That seemed to be as good a time as any to try the coconut oil as a conditioner.

My hair is short, but remember it’s super dry, so I massaged about 1/4 cup or so into my hair and left it in for about 15 minutes.  What was left on my hands I rubbed into my cuticles.  It smells amazing.  It has a delicate nutty scent.

I used a combo shampoo/body wash which foams very little.  I was pleasantly surprised that adding the shampoo to the oil produced a very rich lather.  So much lather, in fact, I didn’t have to use any extra as body wash.  Cool beans.

Rinse, repeat. I didn’t really like the way my hair felt with just washing alone, so I followed up with a smidge my regular conditioner.

I added a small amount of my noodle head and let it dry naturally (as I usually do).  Wow!  My curly are springy and soft.  I think I found a winner.