Faster than the speed of light, news comes at us from all directions.  Most of it bad and/or negative.  While some ladies in my circle choose to not read about current events, watch the news, etc., I have chosen a different approach.  Yes, it’s hard to remain positive when there is so much negative being thrown at us.  But aren’t we called to in the world but not of it?  I believe that means we are to not only know what is going on but be diligent in interceding for this world.  God doesn’t want us to just check our brains at the altar.  Think of how you can be used to change the world by praying when you hear or see a negative story.  Lift up all involved in prayer.  You will even be shown how you can go further by helping in the natural.  Something to think about.


What a day!

Keith had his school picnic/water day today.  We fumigated the house and joined him for lunch.  He got to play with his friend Grace (who graduated preschool last year).  I enjoyed chatting with the other moms.  Took some cute pics of Keith and Philip.  When we left, I’ll admit I got a little sentimental.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was totally frustrated we couldn’t put Keith in preschool because he wasn’t potty trained?  Now here we are at his last preschool event before graduation.  It’s so cool to see him grow and see how he interacts with the other kids. {Sigh}

We couldn’t head home right away, so we did some errands.  We were going to get ice cream, but Mr. Tinney (that’s what I sometimes call Keith) had a total meltdown after we told him that he couldn’t buy anything in addition to the dish rags he picked out.  “You never let me buy anything.”  Yeah, well, you don’t have a job.  (I think I need to work on my parenting style.)  He began swatting us with the rags.  I told him that dish rags aren’t for hitting and took them away from him.  After he declared to everyone in earshot that we were “trying to kill” him (seems to be his favorite phrase these days), we got in the car and went to another public place.  What were we thinking.  This time he was better behaved.  We went to Scenic nursery to get some flowers.  I got a hanging basket, and Keith got a begonia.  I wonder how long it will take before they die.  Hopefully, Keith’s thumb is greener than mine.

Worked from my mom’s house this afternoon until it was safe to return to our house.  Oh, it’s always good to come home.  Then it was my turn for a meltdown.  I got so frustrated at myself tonight for not being as prepared as I should be.  I’ve managed to misplace my favorite skirt (because it never requires ironing) and the alternate not-so-great skirt I planned on wearing tonight was wrinkled.  So I had to make plan c work.  Why do I get so upset with myself?  Yes, I could have been more prepared.  Yes, I could have done this, that, and the other.  Sometimes I just need to cut myself a break.  Is it really sooo terrible that I’m not wearing “the uniform” exactly as prescribed?  I suited up as best I could and then showed up.  Isn’t that what is really the most important thing?

Showing up is hard sometimes.  It would be great if we could all just “remain in bed” as the song says.  But we all, “gotta get up in the morning.”  Showing up is hard, but getting up and getting ready are the absolute hardest part for me.  Especially when I was sick and didn’t know it.  When one’s blood count is super low, getting up and staying up are the really tough.  I literally would have to schedule a two-hour nap 4 hours into my day every day.  Amazing what you begin to think is normal.  Since my blood transfusion, I’ve had more energy.  Well, duh. 

Anyway, I am preparing for the shindig tomorrow after the preschool graduation.  It’s kind of funny that we’re making such a big deal out of it.  Keith went through the ceremony last year even though we knew he would need another year of preschool.  Several other kids in his class did the same.  Last year I was the only one who came since he was getting a “participation certificate.”  I’m glad I did because now I know what to expect.  The place was PACKED and no parking either.  There were sooo many people that at last year’s ceremony I was strategizing how early I would have to get there this year to save seats.  This is no longer a problem since at this year’s auction I had the winning bid for FRONT ROW SEATS at the preschool graduation.  WHOO HOO!  Right now this means only one thing to me:  I get to sleep in!  Now tomorrow this will mean even more.  No rushing around getting parking and worrying about shooing people away from MY SEATS.  I mean, I even have a certificate!  No more worrying some guy in front of me moving his head and ruining my photos!  This is like THE best auction item offered EVER!  (OK, maybe not THE BEST.  Gimme a break, I’m tired!)

Since I was writing this instead of putting the groceries away, my ice cream bars had a meltdown.  At least theirs was quieter than mine and Keith’s.  Ok, enough of this.  I gotta get to bed before too long otherwise my sleeping in will not really be.

No one subject

My husband is on vacation this week.  I am not.  Ugh.  I am working on being more consistent with my working hours and retraining myself on what it means to have flexible hours.  Until recently I treated flexible hours as working unless I got a better offer.  “Ooh, a new video game!  I’ll spend my time playing until I get to level 2.”  Yeah, that’s not running a business.  I am learning to schedule my time more wisely so I can work and still have fun while my husband is off. 

Of course, this is a stay-cation since we have a bazillion things to do that we have long put off.  That cracked windshield isn’t going to replace itself.  There’s the end-of-year school stuff like the school picnic/water day, and our little Keith is graduating from preschool this week.

These days Keith goes from angel to hellion and back again within a matter of minutes.  “Would you like one of my chips?”  I graciously take the chip, so proud of my little “man.”   “AHHHHH!!!  You’re trying to KILL ME!”  I sarcastically respond “Yeah, the new method of killing one’s child is to serve enchiladas instead of hot dogs.”  It’s sometimes hard to keep up.  Like the time I threatened to call the police when he wouldn’t stay in bed.  Where the heck did that come from?  It did work, though.

Today Keith found a shiny penny.  He asked if it was fake money.  All the pennies he’s ever seen are “dirty.”  “Are the dirty ones fake money?”  I love the way kids think.

Keith loves to make up names.  Today he was talking about his character on a video game he named, “Subpeona.”  I asked him if he knew what that word meant.  When he said he didn’t I tried to explain.  Then he went on calling some flowers subpeonas.  Oh, well, I guess it is a pretty sounding word.  😉

Tomorrow we gear up for more excitement (school picnic and last-minute party planning) and more yuck (housework, anyone?).  And yes, I will also be working as well.  It’s  always interesting to make a plan and then see how it really works out.  Here’s to our life!  It’s a blessed one!