Family Chinese New Year Ideas

The Year of the Dragon

My son’s favorite holiday is Chinese New Year.  I’m not really sure how that happened or how he came to love all things Asian, but we’re always up to learning about anything and everything.  If we can involve food, all the better.

If your budget allows for more than a prepackaged bowl of ramen, here are some great recipes said to bring good luck.

Want to incorporate a little history into your celebration? Check out the History Channel’s page which includes traditions and symbols.

There are tons of fun crafts for you to do with your little ones. has links to activities including free printables.

How about some everlasting fortune cookies?  I adore felt crafts and fortune cookies and take-out boxes. These, from, are darling and can be done in a “pinch”.

The Year of the Dragon brings good luck and babies.  I don’t know about you, but I could use both this year!

Wishing your family a blessed Chinese New Year!


National Parents as Teachers Day

Parents are kids' first and best teachers.

Happy National Parents as Teachers Day (November 8, 2011).  Whether you homeschool, have a toddler, or have your children in a traditional school, I’m sure you’d agree parents provide the introduction to the love of learning.  In my own life, I hope my son sees that I am still learning and that it is something that it is a lifelong process.



National S’mores Day!

Wednesday is National S’mores Day!  Our family adores s’mores.  We make them no matter what time of year.  Our living room has hosted more than one winter s’mores session.  Sometimes we use our fireplace and sometimes just a candle, but however we do it, it’s always a blast!  Here are some ideas to help you celebrate tomorrow or any day of the year.

S’mores cupcakes.  Ooh, I found this image on Pinterest.  Sadly no recipe was attached.  There are tons on recipes for S’mores cupcakes online.










 S’mores Dip from Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats.