Fulfilling and Oddly Minty Things and Those That Aren’t – #1

These things are Fulfilling and Oddly Minty

  • my six-year-old son pronouncing it “Ugly Minty”
  • God placing people in your life who are going through what you are and can offer advice
  • finally parking in a space without car butt sticking out and having pictures to prove it
  • remembering John Lennon
  • rice pudding debate
  • Mom’s retirement
  • Bles-id limited edition present for Daddy-O
  • black spray paint
  • time-saving laundry service
  • getting to know someone a bit better after having been acquainted for years
  • Christmas lights
  • the hide application button on Facebook’s news feed
  • rearranging furniture
  • crackling fireplaces
  • Rankin/Bass Christmas specials
  • wrapping presents
  • poinsettias fundraisers for youth arts
  • fruit tree fundraisers for 4-H
  • dinner at Uno fundraiser for school
  • receiving a brag book at the women’s ministry Christmas party and using it partly for scrips
  • seeing the women at the Christmas party get exactly what they needed/wanted and it being “random” [read:  Providence]
  • my year in status FB application
  • ending up in a parade with my sock-monkey-jammie-clad boy
  • discovering waving for nearly an hour is a great workout

These things are not:

  • nearly taking the tree out with my car after skidding on wet leaves
  • having to refresh City Ville because of a number-of-goods glitch
  • purchasing earrings that claim to be for sensitive ears and discovering they not only irritate my ears, they weigh a ton a piece
  • playing the city school shuffle
  • sending out a second pair of certified letters with the correct wording only to realize that only one was sent the correct address
  • getting locked out of the house . . . again
  • wondering if I should be upset I was added to a FB group without prior consent
  • wondering who Chuckles  is and why said group felt it necessary to let me know via email that he is also a member
  • engine light
  • discovering it’s not spelled “pointsettia”
  • receiving the 10th tardy this semester
  • serving undercooked meat
  • forgetting said meat under the broiler resulting in its growing charcoal
  • the inability to convince my husband he won’t get in trouble for getting me that combo sweeper/mopper for Christmas

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