Growin’ Up Graffiti

I’ve always loved growing up in Modesto, the hometown of George Lucas.  In fact, I was raised one block away from George’s childhood home and considered it my claim to fame.  I grew up watching the Star Wars trilogy, but I especially love American Graffiti because it gave me a glimpse of how it must have been for my parents growing up in the central valley.  I could relive those days with Graffiti Night, my unofficial ushering in of summer, when we’d walk McHenry and watch the cruisers.  Sadly things change and even Graffiti Night isn’t what it once was.  When Daddy-O and I got engaged, we bought a house on Ramona Avenue right across the street from George’s family home.  It’s been fun to witness people drive by, get out, and have their picture taken in front of the house.  When I was presented with a photo challenge last week to take a picture of “my city”, the tribute to George and Graffiti Night at 5 points was an easy choice.  I ❤ George!


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