The Cilantro Experience – A Story of Vindication

I was at my local Farmers’ Market on Saturday when a vendor offered me a sample of some bread with various spreads including one with cilantro.  Now, you may have read my rant on my disgust for this herb here.  When posted on Facebook, my story was met with shock and perhaps even disapproval.  Back to the Farmers’ Market.  I sheepishly told the vendor that I don’t like cilantro.  He said he didn’t either and that he had an enzyme in his mouth that makes cilantro taste like soap.  You mean, it’s not in my head?  There is a physiological reason for my distaste? 

I came home and googled cilantro enzyme.  While I couldn’t find out whether my cilantro experience is a result of having an enzyme or lacking an enzyme, I did find some other rather amusing things.  This may be a bit extreme, but there is actually an anti-cilantro community on the web!  One member describes the taste as battery acid mixed with bleach, rubbing alcohol ammonia and rancid butter.  Others have contributed haikus.

My favorite:

Repeat after me.
Eradicate cilantro
Cilantro must die!

I cannot tell you how vindicated I feel!  I am not alone!  Truly, I am one of the lucky ones.  I’d rather taste soap than A moldy swimsuit that’s been left to fester in a high school locker.



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