Zynga’s Evil Geniuses

I’m addicted to Frontierville, yet I refuse to use real money to purchase golden horseshoes. It hasn’t really mattered in the past because I don’t really care about the cool little things you can buy using these horseshoes. The clothesline is cute, but it only reminds me that I should be tackling my own Mount Washmore instead of tending to my crops on my virtual homestead.

Using my Frontierville coins that I earned, I recently purchased the new horseshoe pit from the market. As with other buildings, one must whack the pit several times before the game reveals the supplies needed to complete the building.  The pit, instead of needing the usual supplies that can be gifted from neighbors requires the player to pay a schooner load of horseshoes or play other Zynga games to earn special supplies.  One must enter these other games through the “pit portal” for it to count for Frontierville, otherwise, you’re just playing a different game for no reason.  I told you I was addicted to Frontierville.  That means I have no room in my life for the other games to which I was previously addicted.  No room for all those dang requests either, so I blocked several games to make room for all the gifts and neighbor requests I was receiving through my new addiction. 

Anyway, going through the portal, I first decided to head over to Farmville.  I was prompted to unblock the application, which I did.  I went to my farm and began working the fields.  After completing the task that would reward me with pit planks, I realized that unblocking the application somehow took me out of the portal and I was just farmin’.   Back to the pit portal to try again.  It worked this time and I earned my parts.  Remembering to unblock the applications before going through the portal, I did so with both Cafe World and Texas Hold ‘Em. 

Now I have a dilemma.  I suck at poker.  The only time I ever played was on a Girlfriend Trip to Calistoga.  My coworker (who I found out later was my cousin) was trying to teach me.  Apparently I was doing very well, even though I didn’t get it.  To earn my pit part, I must level up past level 5 (I’m on 2, don’t know how I did it).  Do I continue to try to play this game that keeps crashing (I think it’s trying to get away from me) or do I shell out real dough to purchase fictitious money?



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