Mingle for WordPress = My Mini Facebook?

I’m always looking for ways to build relationships online.  While researching some different widgets, I came across the Mingle plugin, which “has the potential of [making your site] it’s own social network”.  With my love of Facebook, this is right up my alley! wpmingle.com offers an e-newsletter, a forum, and support.  I’ve already begun taking steps to add my bio and photo and have checked out some of the friends and member directory features of the site.   Because I am currently using the free wordpress site, I am unable to add the widget itself at this time.  Philip is going to update my software so I can implement this and several other widgets.   This is supposedly a newer widget, so more features are expected to be added.  Widgets are all new to me, so this is kind of exciting.  Yeah, Daddy-O, I guess you married a bigger nerd than ya thought.

Kludgy MomWeek 1 Homework for the Back To School, Back To Blogging Class over at Kludgy Mom!



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