I kept the boy home from school yesterday.  He’s got this horrible hacking cough that’s been hanging on for days.  He had to find ways to entertain himself since we recently put a time limit on the X-box.  Of course, he figured out a way to bypass the lock.  Maybe he can teach me how to do that.

We had a bit of a dust up when I told him that he needed to find something else to do.  Same dust up, different day.  Now he’s alternating playing with his toys and asking me to “fix” the X-box. 

Is it weird that I have to remind myself that the rules we have in place are for his benefit?  It must be my flesh wanting to take the easy way out, stick him in front of the TV, and not require anything of him.  That’s not good for the long term, I know; not for him or us. 

I am reminded of a conversation I had years ago with another mom and how the parent-child relationship mirrors that of God and us.  The rules He has for us are for our protection, our growth, and our future.  Without the rules and His grace, my life would be one big mess.  Just as I guide my child, He guides me.  Thank you, Lord, for not granting my every wish, showing me grace when I make mistakes, and loving me no matter what.  I pray that I am that kind of parent to my son.

What are you thankful for today?



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