Possible Cure for the Gimmes

Tomorrow is Keith’s sixth birthday, which means for the past two months anything and everything that strikes his fancy is a potential gift.  At least to him.  It was totally cute when he was 3.  We could be anywhere, even the grocery store, and he would say, “I’m going to get that for my birthday!” 

About a week and a half ago we were somewhere and it all started again.  I didn’t much feel like explaining for the hundredth time that you can’t always get what you want (right Daddy-O?).  Suddenly, I heard myself saying, “Would you like to put it on your wish list?”  After I explained how a wish list works, he was so happy you would have thought I had said yes to the three things he pointed out!  (Purple sock monkey?  Mama wants one too!)

We’ve been jotting down ideas ever since.  Thankfully the list is short (probably because he doesn’t see too many commercials).  I can now easily give gift suggestions to family members, and the pouting is practically non-existent.



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