Back-to-School Party


We had so much fun at the surpise Back-to-School party!  We decorated cupcakes, had a parade, a treasure hunt, and more! 

coloring book and crayons on the left and blackboard, apple, and chalk on the right

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I simply made the cupcakes from a yellow cake mix prepared with milk instead of water.  I added liquid food coloring to the white buttercream frosting.  The vibrant yellow provided a strong backdrop.  I prefer using paste food coloring and was surprised to get such a bright yellow from liquid. The “coloring book” was made from a half a fig newton with the letter “B” piped in black gel.  Mike and Ike candies were perfect “crayons.”   We had an issue with the chocolate-covered graham cracker squares, so we ended up using a whole newton with Nutella spread on top for the “blackboard.”  A cursive letter “B” was piped using white frosting in a homemade pastry bag (sandwich bag with corner cut off).  A red Dot candy with a sliver of a green Mike and Ike (cut with kitchen shears)  made a delicious-looking “apple.”  A white Good and Plenty became “chalk” and completed our blackboard-themed cupcake.

We each decorated our own cupcakes using both the inspiration of the two cupcakes and our own imaginations.  The boys especially liked adding sprinkles (or “sparkles” as Keith likes to call them). 


The boys said “so long” to summer and welcomed the new school year with the “Goodbye Summer!” Parade.  Streamers and balloons made the their bike and scooters more festive.  “Brother” and Keith went beyond the confines of the parade route, so Andriy ditched his scooter to catch up with them.  

Treasure Hunt 

Our treasure hunt was a big hit!  Since two of our participants are starting Kindergarten, we decided to simply place slips of paper with the clue number at each spot.  Once the kids brought the number back to us, we could read them the next clue, which were each written on notebook paper.  I’d post a picture of myself reading the clues except the only one that turned out was of me with my tongue sticking out.  

  1. Keith’s favorite color can be found in the yard.  If you think of something that looks and smells pretty, you won’t have to look hard.

  2. Hope it didn’t take you hours to come up with purple flowers!  Your second clue is a rhyme:  The sound of trickling water can be heard on a mountain, but today we’ll hear it from a _________.

  3. The fountain was tranquil and can make you sleepy.  Show me where Brendyn dozes when the night is not creepy.

  4. You’ve made it this far; now go a bit more.  Andriy likes to hide behind this on the living room floor.

  5. Your treasure’s inside this special chest.  We hope you had fun with this back-to-school quest.

Andriy loves to hide behind the chest, so it was the perfect ending to our treasure hunt.  The boys got tons of school supplies like pencils, a sharpener, markers, crayons, scissors, and even Kleenex! 

Lunch Sacks 

This group was the quietest I’d ever heard them during the decorating of the lunch sacks.  It was a fun way to use the new school supplies.  Then we “packed our lunches,” which in this case means we ate lunch.  On the menu:  PB&J, Nutella and crackers, apple and peach slices, juice boxes, and chips.  Very “lunchboxy.”  For dessert?  Cupcakes, of course! 

The kids loved this party and are already talking about what they want to do next year! 


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