Two-cent Thursday

Today is Two-cent Thursday! 

I was at my local Ulta Beauty yesterday, and this beautiful blue bottle caught my eye:  Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist with valerian and lavender from Earth Therapeutics.  I have struggled with insomnia for several years, so I figured I’d give it a try.  Last night I was watching a movie in bed and decided to spray my neck pillow with the mist.  It smelled amazing!  About 15 minutes later, I was feeling VERY relaxed, like wet-noodle relaxed.   I stayed awake for the rest of the movie and then drifted off into one of the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in quite a long time.  The pillow mist is only $9, a small price to pay for several sleep-filled nights. 

Just my 2 cents!

Thanks to for inspiring this post.



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