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My husband is on vacation this week.  I am not.  Ugh.  I am working on being more consistent with my working hours and retraining myself on what it means to have flexible hours.  Until recently I treated flexible hours as working unless I got a better offer.  “Ooh, a new video game!  I’ll spend my time playing until I get to level 2.”  Yeah, that’s not running a business.  I am learning to schedule my time more wisely so I can work and still have fun while my husband is off. 

Of course, this is a stay-cation since we have a bazillion things to do that we have long put off.  That cracked windshield isn’t going to replace itself.  There’s the end-of-year school stuff like the school picnic/water day, and our little Keith is graduating from preschool this week.

These days Keith goes from angel to hellion and back again within a matter of minutes.  “Would you like one of my chips?”  I graciously take the chip, so proud of my little “man.”   “AHHHHH!!!  You’re trying to KILL ME!”  I sarcastically respond “Yeah, the new method of killing one’s child is to serve enchiladas instead of hot dogs.”  It’s sometimes hard to keep up.  Like the time I threatened to call the police when he wouldn’t stay in bed.  Where the heck did that come from?  It did work, though.

Today Keith found a shiny penny.  He asked if it was fake money.  All the pennies he’s ever seen are “dirty.”  “Are the dirty ones fake money?”  I love the way kids think.

Keith loves to make up names.  Today he was talking about his character on a video game he named, “Subpeona.”  I asked him if he knew what that word meant.  When he said he didn’t I tried to explain.  Then he went on calling some flowers subpeonas.  Oh, well, I guess it is a pretty sounding word.  😉

Tomorrow we gear up for more excitement (school picnic and last-minute party planning) and more yuck (housework, anyone?).  And yes, I will also be working as well.  It’s  always interesting to make a plan and then see how it really works out.  Here’s to our life!  It’s a blessed one!


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