A Ridiculous Rant

I’m sorry.  I just don’t “get” cilantro.  Sure it has it’s place.  But not on my plate or in my salsa or in my kitchen.  Well, maybe in my kitchen as a cleaning agent.  I only say this because, to me, it tastes like dish soap.  Maybe I should add water to some to see if it foams up. 

Now when I dine out, I feel the need to ask, “Does it have cilantro in it?” It seems to be ON EVERYTHING and IN RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS.   “No, ma’am, our pecan pie does not have cilantro.” 

One night, I didn’t ask.  I was tired.  I should have know.  I mean, it was NACHOS for crying out loud.  There it was.  All over the melted cheese.  Finely chopped.  Impossible to scrape off.  Gag.

My dear friend Kelly is a cooking wiz.  She can throw all sorts of strange things together and come out with a gourmet meal.  She was super excited when cilantro became available in dried cube form.  She knows my hatred of cilantro.  Sometimes I feel like she’s made it her mission to get me to like it.  NEVER!

Our church has a monthly potluck.  Kelly brought her latest concoction.  Some brown rice salad thing.  I raved about it.  Yeah, you know what’s coming.  She triumphantly told me her “secret ingredient.”  I didn’t even taste the cilantro.  “That’s because people use too much, Jennifer.  See you can handle it in the proper amounts.”  I hate it when she’s right.

So if anyone is reading this, please don’t overdo the cilantro or chop it too finely.  Oh, I’ll still ask when I’m out.  I hate when my pecan pie tastes foamy.


2 thoughts on “A Ridiculous Rant

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