For many years, my husband has dreamed of moving to Port Angeles, Washington.  It was something he mentioned in passing here and there.  Recently, I said that we should come up with some sort of timeline rather than just talking about it.  I’ve only ever lived in Modesto.  “I was born here and I’ll probably die here,” was always my response when people ask me how long I’ve lived here.  Yesterday at our “state of the union” lunch, among our usual general topics we discussed upcoming trips we’d like to take.  After lunch, I added “Timeline for Port Angeles.”  Hey, I’ve only been there once in 8th grade to board a ferry to Canada, and I can’t say it made a lasting impression as I only remembered after I noticed it mentioned in my scrapbook.  I figured we should probably plan a trip to look at our future stomping grounds. 

 Meanwhile, I spent some time researching homes, schools, and IT positions for Philip.  My business has no territories, so I can easily move anywhere.  Just checking out the various websites has gotten me excited.  My mother always said she’d move wherever we go, so she and I even checked out some properties with her in mind.  I love Modesto.  I enjoy local theatre productions, the dining, and the small town feel.  I hate the hot weather.  When I read that our “new town” rarely gets above 70 degrees and is a college town, I got even more enthusiastic.

Anyway, tonight I asked Philip if he’d had a chance to check out some of the job descriptions I emailed him.  He’d only looked at one and dismissed it as they required him to bring his resume in person.  (We have a lot of work to do before we go, so it will be some time before we actually get there, Lord willing, of course.)  A short time later, Philip told me he isn’t interested in IT jobs.  Huh?  That’s what he’s been doing, so naturally, I assumed . . . 

Surprise!  He said he wants to work on a fishing boat!  I’ve never even known him to fish.  We’ve talked about taking Keith to the Bass Pro Shop but have yet to do so.  I went online to research fishing jobs.  One search engine only returned “surgeon.”  (“Sturgeon?”  I rubbed my eyes.  No, it actually said “surgeon.”  Well, I guess fish need medical help, too.  I wonder if Philip has time to get his MD before we move.)  I love that we’re possibly moving into a new phase of life.  It will be very interesting to see how it all pans out.


3 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Jennifer, That sounds wonderful! I would love to live on the coast! I am excited for you! You better watch deadliest catch for a little job research for Philip

  2. And you even have contacts already! 🙂
    But, do you LOVE the rain?? I mean, *LOVE* the rain? Cuz we get A LOT (at our house, 45-60″ per year). And when it’s not raining, it’s gray and gloomy. A LOT.
    I loved the rain…. before we moved here. Actually, I think I’m finally at the point where the rain, gray and gloom don’t bother me as much. My parents (and Kenton’s) moved here too and my mom still has a hard time with it. She has one of those sun lamp thingies she uses.
    I say if you can get used to that and (most likely) lower wages/actually finding a job, you’ll be fine. 🙂
    BTW, our neighbor works on a tugboat… 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.
    I do LOVE our summers though- don’t miss the heat a bit! It’s SO nice to be able to go on hikes or do whatever we want OUTSIDE in the SUMMER and be COMFORTABLE out there. No profuse sweating just walking from store to car. No hiding out inside all summer in an air-conditioned house. Heck, most homes here don’t even HAVE air conditioning! It’s.. just NICE out. So much to do and see. Small town. Slow pace. Friendly people.
    Yep, I think you’d like it here. 🙂
    Love, Alyssa

  3. Alyssa! I am so thankful for all the advice you’ve given and will give. 😉

    I love the rain, but not as much as my husband and son do. We’re even talking about getting a sun lamp for me here in Modesto! I think we’ll be OK with the lower wages since the benefits of living there seem to outweigh any negatives.

    I don’t do hot summers. Keith was born at the end of August. That was utter torture. It all sounds so fabulous. I’ll be figuring out when we can make it up there for a visit and let you know. I’m sure I’ll have many more questions in the meantime. I so appreciate your help!

    ❤ Jennifer

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