State of the Union

Today is my 9th anniversary.  My husband and I are planning to lunch at our favorite BBQ joint and discuss the “state of our union.”  This is something we have just begun doing in an effort to be proactive about our life rather than constantly knee-jerking our way through it.  We talk about everything from finances to our goals and dreams for our family.  Taking the time to discuss these things has really helped me connect with Philip in a way similar to when we first began courtin’.  Our dreams were different then.  We have fulfilled many of them and some we’ve tweaked a bit.  It’s been somewhat surprising to find out what things we each would like to accomplish and what experiences we’d like to have.  And, yes, the color-coding fool I am, I bring my sharpies to add the goals to our calendar.  Once it’s in permanent ink on the calendar, we can begin taking steps to be on purpose about making those things happen. 

Happy 9th Anniversary, Daddy-O!  The modern 10-year anniversary gift is diamonds, so start plannin’ now!


4 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. Kristen, hope you enjoyed the photo on fb. 😉

    Patty, it’s Doc’s Q’in Pit Stop on Maze. Soul food and bbq. We usually get the brisket. BBQ sauce ranges from mild to hecka hot.

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