Somewhat Diluted

Accept an apology, babysit, eat, groom, study, work, rearrange schedule, sick kid, arrive late.  Nearly run out of gas on the freeway.  Again.   All before noon. 

Get lost because surely “Emma” the GPS lady knows where the branch of my bank is in a different town.  After all, she has a British accent.    Give up and head back to town. 

Get lost.  Again.  In the only town I’ve ever lived.  Oh, there’s my bank.  Oops, meant to drop off that bag of laundry.

Ah, flowers arrived from my little boy for mother’s day.  There’s a story there . . .

Boy’s better.  Dead phone.  Oops.  Now the charger is broken.  1:30 p.m.

Work.  Cat nap on a loveseat.  4 p.m.

Pick up 3 dinners.  Redeem See’s certificate.  Sad that the See’s ladies look so unhappy.

Pick up the boy. More schedule rearranging.  Sure, I can go with you to get the charger, get Keith signed up for Jr. Giants, and grab a bite within the next hour.  5:40 p.m.

Yes, I came in to buy a $20 charger.  Oh, you have a really good deal on UVerse?  OK!  Oh, but my husband wants to think about it. 

Overcommittment dilutes your effectiveness.  Many have said this.  I wonder what they’re talking about?

Jr. Giants sign ups.  No parking.  Line encircles the outside of the Senior Center.  Yeah, drop us off.  Go get some food.  6 p.m.

Text I’m going to be late.  Sign ups complete.  Sure, I’ll be a Team Parent.  What is it? 

Nothing like trekking down an alley to get to another street to make you really ready for that now-tepid fast food. 6:45 p.m.

Drop off guys.  Arrive late to meeting.  Hey, at least I showed up.  Sure, I’ll have two pieces of cake.  Well, maybe I’ll just eat this one and take the other home.  8:30 p.m.

Oh, you’re not in bed yet?  Let’s get you in the tub.  Come on, you need to get ready for bed.  If you take a bath, I will give you a piece of candy.  8:50 p.m.

Oops, I completely forgot I signed up for the online global prayer meeting.  Come on, get out of the tub.  Yes,  now.  Daddy’s got his game and you need to be in bed.  9:02 p.m.

Prayer concludes. 10 p.m.

What!  You’re still awake!  Oh, you’ve been “reading.”  Let’s go.  I have a date with a butterscotch square.


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