Blog Bandwagon Boasts Buerer on Board

I started this blog for one reason:  I suck at keeping a traditional journal.  I’ve received diaries as gifts since I was 9 years old.  I kept the key on my keyring.  I’ve even purchased them for myself.  When I got married, I bought a journal for my husband.  It was beautiful and had a picture of an old world map on the cover.  My plan was to secretly chronicle our journey together (ah, the symbolism of the map) and present it to him on our first anniversary.  You know, because paper is the traditional anniversary present for the one-year anniversary.  We’re celebrating our 9th anniversary this month.  The journal is still a secret.  Oh, I wrote in it.  It starts out like all my other journal attempts:  “Day 1:  I’m going to record my thoughts and feelings.”  It ends the same way:  “Day 27:  I haven’t written in here since Day 1, but I will start writing more often” followed by dozens of blank pages.  Yeah, those thoughts required the security of a diary skeleton key.

Which brings me here.  My son is nearly 6 years old, and I’d love a way to keep track of our crazy family life.  I just have to remember to log in.


4 thoughts on “Blog Bandwagon Boasts Buerer on Board

  1. I want to subscribe to your blog but I don’t see a subscribe button. I have a gorgeous leather bond jornal that i wrote in a feel times when i needed a gratitude make over.

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